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Your Success.

Is Our Success. Here are some fantastic case studies from clients who have given us an NPS of 9.5/10.


User engagement mapped out across the customer journey.

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elopage - Data Launcher

1300 Hours saved annually from manual data processing.

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elopage - Churn Analysis

Seven indicators identified that predict a seller likely to churn.

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elopage- Customer Journeys

Fairer bonus scheme designed to reward sales managers. 

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elopage - LTV

Automated long-term marketing ROI based on LTV predictions.

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elopage - Marketing Analytics

36% Savings on quarterly marketing spend.

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elopage - Revenue Reconciliation

Eight days per month saved on internal and investor reporting.

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Eight marketing channels centralised and automated.

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Thirty six metrics transformed and automated.

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20 brands integrated in the centralised reporting and analytics platform.

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Momentary Ink

40+ North Star and KPIs automated.

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Six dashboard covering subscription retention, film performance & more.

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Three months to jumpstart an end-to-end data pipeline.

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$3.5m yearly efficiency gain on ad spend.

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$2.75m Seed funding secured thanks to product analytics.

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Nine data sources integrated into automated reports.

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