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Marketing Analytics

Get, keep and grow profitable customers. Connect your data dots along the customer journey to create one source of the truth.

Best-In-Class Analytics.

Supercharge your campaigns with detailed analysis. 

Whether you have an in-house data team or looking to start from scratch, we offer specialised help in this area. Not only can we help you tie together marketing channels with your CRM and finance tools, but we can give you back full ownership of attribution, tie together customer journeys and optimise your ads to a granular level. All whilst being privacy friendly.

173tech will guide you through every step of your data journey. From aligning your business strategy with data infrastructure, to modelling and visualising your metrics. 

Next Level Insight.

Modern customer journeys are omni-channel, multi-device and often sporadic in nature. True marketing optimisation comes from layering your data to give a clearer picture on who you are customers are, which ones will bring long-term value and how optimise their journey.

Centralise To Optimise.

Overlap data points from across all your channels to understand the full picture.

Own Your Attribution.

Don’t suffer from privacy gaps. Control every aspect of your attribution.

Get Closer To Customers.

Ensure you’re spending your time, effort and money on customers that will grow over time.

Improve Your ROI

Get granular insights on ad performance and optimise on lifetime value.

Key Benefits.

We have guided many clients to step up their marketing game, saving significant amount through optimisation and efficiency gains. We have levelled up the marketing analytics for many of our clients including: Petlab, Fitafy, Kuda Bank, elopage, Thrive DX and many more.

Marketing Attribution
Centralised Reporting
Dynamic Segmentation
QA Automation
De-Duplicate Conversions
Insights Activation

Data Sources We Integrate.

No two clients are the same. Our experienced team have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of data sources and solutions. If you don’t see your data source here and want to know if we can help? Get in touch!

Ready To Start Your
Data Engine?

Want to find out what the possibilities are for turning your data into business drivers?

Not sure if your ideas for using data are technically feasible and will generate ROI?

Have a specific use case in mind for your data but don’t know how to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Your domain knowledge is crucial to helping us not only launch your data pipleine, but get maximum value from it.

Whose involvement we'll need.

We join forces with your team. By helping us to understand your business, goals, existing data processes and challenges,  we can better return value from data more quickly.

Having a project manager (e.g. A head of data or a lead analyst) and a technical point of contact would facilitate an efficient on-boarding process and on-going collaboration.

Your time commitment.

To get us up to speed quickly, we typically need a one-hour strategic session to go over your business goals and challenges and a one-hour technical session to understand your existing data stack and best practices. On an ongoing basis, we have a 45-minute weekly sync to provide you with project updates and a shared Slack channel for ad-hoc questions.

The setup we will need.

All we need to get started is access to your tools, sources and any existing data infrastructure and documentation.

Can you work on our existing data stack?

Yes. We work with companies of all sizes and data maturity hence are used to being onboarded quickly within your existing data stack. We collaborate closely with your team to ensure that we follow existing development guidelines and are not affecting your current work stream. We can also help optimise your data stack at your request.

How do you define success metrics for marketing performance?

We start by analysing your customer journey with the goal to optimise long-term marketing ROI: predicted customer lifetime-value (LTV) / total marketing spend. We will work together with your team to curate a set of KPIs tailored for your product, which will be modelled and automated within the data models.