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30 data models transforming 8 sources.


Numan is a fast-growing eCommerce brand focusing on men’s health. It was sitting on a wealth of operational data waiting to be structured, transformed and provide valuable insights to the business at scale and PII-compliant.


We spent time with all teams to understand the business, growth goals and pain points. We aligned the data strategy accordingly and phased the redesign of a future-proof data stack to provide value early, ensuring PII compliance with hashing techniques automated within the data flow, and continuously expanded on it. We created a large set of data models tied to Numan’s business concepts.


Our work modernised Numan’s data stack and was a springboard for the team to find new efficiencies. We assisted in their search of a seasoned Director of Data and the onboarding of new data recruits. We continued to support the team on data infrastructure, engineering and strategy before successfully handing over the stack.


“The 173 team helped expedite the modernisation of our data pipeline and extract value quickly. ” Max Ratcliff, Director of Analytics and Data

Tech Stack

GCP, GCE (Scheduled), BigQuery, Xplenty, Cloud Functions, Looker, Custom Python Extractors

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