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The Perfect Blend.

Strategic Thinking + Technical Implementation = Business Impact

Our Story


Our core team previously led analytics at dating giant Bumble and oversaw its growth from an idea to $3 billion exit in under 5 years. We have since been using data to accelerate growth across businesses in a wide number of fields with great success.


We are a growing company seeking to establish ourselves as leaders in all things data. We love constantly learning new things, improving our skillsets, and sharing our knowledge. The 173 team is well-known for our friendly and approachable nature.


We aim to grow alongside our clients. We understand that their success is our success and we ultimately hope they outgrow us and in-house their data requirements. We seek to add to our team, add to our knowledge and continue to help businesses adopt data.

Meet The Team


Candice Ren

Background: Candice was previously Head of Analytics at Bumble, building the team from day 0 to helping hundreds of millions of users find love and whose team was tasked with optimising the user journey and monetisation efforts across its portfolio of apps.

Project Role: Candice oversees the strategy, analytics and data science part of the pipeline, ensuring your data solution is tightly aligned with your business goals and generates high ROI. She loves finding Aha! Moments and low hanging fruits from data.

Fun Fact: Candice is a trained sommelier, and keen scuba diver!

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VP Of Engineering

Adrian Macias

Background: Adrian has 15+ years of experience building and optimising state of the art analytics infrastructures, geared at facilitating value generation from analytics teams. He has worked with leading tech companies such as Bumble and Kelkoo and eats Petabytes for breakfast.

Project Role: Adrian oversees all our projects from a data architecture and infrastructure prospective. He has a wealth of experience across a wide variety of setups and tools and is our go-to person on technical issues.

Fun Fact: Adrian is Chief Petsitter for Mia who has been known to visit the office. She is not much for coding but we've never been bothered by squirrels.

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Senior Data Analyst

Ruben Scott

Background: Ruben has seven years experience working in the financial data sector. He has experience across data collection, process automation and data analysis roles, helping to optimise processes and deliver valuable insights from data.

Project Role: On a typical project, Ruben helps clients understand their data and turn it into actionable insights. This ranges from defining their key data definitions, creating the models to bring these concepts to life, and providing deep dive analysis.

Fun Fact: Ruben has hitchhiked in over 15 countries. Highlights include Eastern Europe, Iceland and Australia.

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Data Strategist

Oliver Gwynne

Background: Oliver comes to us with over a decade of experience of consulting in marketing, automation and analytics, having been involved in a number of change programmes looking to leverage data for HSBC, BT, Sky and many more.

Project Role: Oliver typically works ' behind the scenes' of the project. His primary focus is working with the implementation team to ensure that they deliver value throughout the project and the overall strategic picture is not forgotten in day-to-day tasks.

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Oliver is the lead producer and writer for musical ensemble, Parrot Peel.

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Analytics Engineer

Emeric Bucaille

Background: Emeric joins us with a background in machine learning and data analysis having worked with Veolia. 

Project Role: Emeric focuses on delivering actionable insights for our clients through thorough modelling and analysis of data. He tries to help people become data savvy in order for them to make better decisions for their business.

Fun Fact: Emeric is a keen diver and has been mastering his breath-holding skills to attempt more free diving escapades. He watches "The Big Blue" at least twice a year, a ritual that keeps his underwater passion alive and kicking!

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Data Analyst

Kamalpreet Sadhra

Background: Kamalpreet comes to us with a background in Clinical Neuroscience and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Project Role: Kam works on everything from data collection, through to analysis and visualisation and helps to deliver critical business insights to our clients.

Fun Fact: Kam loves finding facts about Marvel cinematic universe and researching the timeline of all the new shows/movies. 

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How We Work.

No matter your size, 173tech can seamlessly augment your company and work with your the tools and processes you have already established, or set up from scratch.  We deploy a full project team enabling us to work efficiently, whilst ensuring best practice. You get direct access through weekly calls & shared slack channel. 

Project Lead

Manages data strategy, project implementation and delivery.

Engineering Lead

Ensures optimal and performant data architecture & system design.

Analytics Engineers

Data pipeline implementation, optimisation and maintenance.

Data Analysts

Data modelling, reporting, generate business value and data insights.

Data Tools We Integrate.

We closely align your business strategy to the tools that can bring it to life, creating scaleable data infrastructure that will serve up key insights. You 100% own all the technology, models and structure that we set up meaning no reliance on us long-term. Here is a good example of common tools we work with:

Our Values.

We help organisations of all shapes and sizes scale their data function. We work closely with your team to ensure everything we build has a direct impact on your business. Creating value is more than just a slogan for us. It drives everything we do.

Focus On What Is Important: Not just ‘numbers for numbers sake.’ We keep laser focused on metrics which will grow your business by aligning with business strategy.

Create Value & Iterate: Don’t wait months to see value from data. We start with KPIs and expand outward bringing you maximum return on your data investment.

Collaboration Is Key: We work as a flexible extension to your team. We help you fast-track complex and time-consuming projects and developments.

Happy Clients.

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