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Marketing Analytics

$3.5m Yearly efficiency gain on ad spend.

2.9x revenue growth in 6 months.


High-quality pet supplement business PetLab were spending big on digital but lacking visibility on customer lifetime value and long-term marketing ROI, they wanted a centralised, accurate record of marketing spend and attribution.


We connected and modelled data from Shopify, Facebook, Google as well as their subscription portal which enabled us to not only centralise the marketing spend but also create a comprehensive cohort analysis on subscription revenue and retention.

We also built predictive models for customer lifetime value so that as soon as new customers were acquired, PetLab understood their potential worth. What’s more, for marketing campaigns we created an automated ROI dashboard that sent Slack alerts with budget allocation recommendations.


The centralised data pipeline and reporting helped Petlab’s marketing team identify huge cost-savings of $3.5m per year. The LTV model also helped the company understand which segments are the most valuable and why.


“The work by 173tech has led to some significant insights and cost savings.” Chris Masanto, Founder & CEO

Tech Stack

AWS, EC2, Postgre SQL, Stitch, Metabase, Custom Python Extractors

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