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Growing Profitably With Data

In Association With Point Nine

For every business, the two biggest challenges are how to 1) establish and scale your customer base, and 2) generate and increase revenue with a healthy margin. Data is the crucial ingredient in helping you achieve both. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Marketing vs. Sales. Who brings the (best) leads? They both do so how can you attribute fairly? 
  • Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). Who are they and how can data help you define, identify, track and nurture them? Go beyond firmographics and make use of the hidden levers in your data toolbox.
  • Automated Reporting. CRM is king but also a pain when it comes to reporting – errors, missing data, manual processes… How do you get a holistic view of your business?

Automated Growth &
Customer Insights

In Association With Metabase

How to connect all the (data) dots along your customer journey? Where is the value in your data and how can it help you increase customer conversion, feature usage and revenue retention? What are some of the dashboard best practices to surface actionable insights for business users? We will help you answer all these questions and cover the following topics:


  • Business use cases on preventing churn, growing GMV and having end-to-end visibility over the entire customer journey.

  • How to get started with your own modern analytics stack and model your data to ensure Metabase dashboards are fast and easily adopted by business users.

  • Making the most out of your Metabase reporting tool. 

Using Data To Find High LTV Customers

A 173tech Event
Every business is looking to attract high value customers that will bring the most profit over their lifetime and data can help you find them. In this session we’ll cover:

  • Who are your existing customers and where are they coming from?
  • Customer LTV. What is it? How do you define, track and use it to optimise marketing spend?
  • Optimisation events. What are some of the early signals to feedback to marketing campaigns? How do you find your Aha! Moment?
  • Attribution models. A quick overview on various marketing attribution models and how to find the one most suitable for your own business?
  • Brand campaigns. How does offline marketing affect your business bottom line? Is there any way to quantify it? (the answer is yes!)

Tracking In The Age Of Privacy

In Association With Target Global

Over 75% of users opt out of iOS 14 tracking. Google plans to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome in the second half of 2024. In the age of privacy, how do you ensure visibility over your traffic and continue to be customer centric? In this session, we will explain why a cookieless world is nothing to fear about. The secret is in your own data. Topics:

  • Connecting the (data) dots along the customer journey. How to track and join them across various data sources?
  • Probabilistic Methods. What are they and how to apply them on non-consented users and combine with deterministic models for a complete view over your marketing performance.
  • Marketing Attribution. How to centralise all marketing activities, design flexible attribution models and leverage your first-party data in order to optimise towards LTV? 
  • Personalisation At Scale. What is reverse-ETL and how to use it to enable dynamic email marketing strategies in your CRM tool, while remaining privacy-friendly.

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