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How to A/B Test Product Changes

In a follow-up to our Seedcamp Firsts conversation on data, Venture Partner Devin Hunt and our founder Candice Ren dive deep into A/B testing and good data science practices.

Data-Driven Strategies For Marketing

Oliver shares valuable insights and practical tips on leveraging data to achieve sustainable growth. From implementing effective analytics to making informed decisions in gaining a competitive edge and driving business success.

Fall In Love With Data

Sharing stories, fun facts and tips on how to:

  • Get people interested in data
  • Improve data literacy within your organisation
  • Engage non-technical stakeholders
  • Source ideas on high ROI data projects
  • Ensure that people use data

How Data Builds Great Products

173tech and our partner Seedcamp discuss data for startup products including establishing Northstar metrics, user journey analytics, feature analytics, data dictionaries, and strategies for effective data sharing among teams.

Personalisation At Scale

173tech and our partner Census discuss Reverse ETL, an efficient and powerful way to activate valuable customer data for all teamsPersonalisation is at the core of customer closeness but collecting information across different channels and ensuring the right message, to the right people at the right time is difficult.

Ignite Growth Event

Our co-founder Candice was a panelist speaker at this event hosted by HSBC Innovation Banking and Seedrs, focusing on how Startups can leverage investment, which metrics really matter and how to optimise customer acquisition and retention.

Using Data As A Product Manager

Discover how data-driven decision-making, innovation, and delivering exceptional products go hand in hand. We were delighted to be a part of this great panel and talk about AB testing essential at the 39:12 minute mark.

Creating Value With Data

Data is one of the few investments that can generate unlimited ROI. Yet businesses of all sizes find it challenging to unlock the full value of data. We share our expertise…

Preventing Churn With Retention Analysis In Metabase

In this webinar with valued partner Metabase, we discussed: What is retention analysis? How does retention analysis help to prevent churn? And how to build retention analysis using SQL editor in Metabase. You can even follow along with the exercise by using the SQL code snippet here.

Big Risk Energy Podcast

Our co-founder Candice Ren was a guest on Roei Samuel’s Big Risk Energy podcast. She speaks about the big decisions in her professional life, moving countries to pursue her career, how companies should look to scale data, as well as exploring her motivations to start 173tech.


Candice was on the panel of  NextTECHNow who hosted a Generative AI Annual Planning Innovation event with Spark Foundry.

Tracking In The Age Of Privacy

In the age of privacy, how do you ensure visibility over your traffic and continue to be customer centric? In this webinar we will explain why a cookieless world is nothing to fear about. The secret is in your own data!

Building A World Class Data Team

How do you ensure you have the right people, processes and infrastructure to fuel your data requirements? We discussed all this and more with a talk with partners Seedcamp.

Starting With Data

What’s the best way to get started with data and ensure ROI from building a data stack? What are the components of a data pipeline? How do you tie together data strategy? We cover all this and more!

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