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Data Strategy Review

Customer type and journey modelled across different channels.

Granular operational analytics on office, and meeting room use.


Work.Life provides office and co-working spaces with locations across the UK. Space is always at a premium and coming out of the pandemic they were looking to optimise the operations of every location through detailed analysis of customer behaviour.


The foundation of any successful data project is a detailed understanding of how your business runs. We worked with multiple stakeholders across Work.Life to flesh out their concepts, starting my mapping out the different customer journeys, membership types and purchase activities. From here we were able to build a robust understanding of the concepts and core modelling needed and set up the data stack, and put forward our suggestions and roadmap.


We set up new infrastructure and produced a number of dashboards both for central management and for each office. These insights led to some big changes in the way Work.Life operates as a company and allowed them to optimise space and their packages. They now rely on data everyday for the running of their business.


“I felt like everything was very clear and transparent throughout the open line of communication was key to the success. Your team is clearly very capable and technically strong. This gave me comfort that what we were building would be fit for purpose and build on good foundations.” Elliot Gold, Founder

Tech Stack

GCP, GCE (Scheduled), BigQuery, dbt, dbt Cloud, Fivetran, Metabase, Custom Python Connector

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