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Kind Words.

Check out some lovely feedback from our clients!

musely (1)

“173tech’s Data Strategy Review was very comprehensive. It told me everything I needed to know, and a lot of elements I didn’t know I needed to know! They served up all the options and all I had to do was choose.”

Co-founder & VP Tech

octopus legacy

“Great communication, good outputs, really liked interaction with you and stuck to deadlines, and completed work as stated. Clear plan, well communicated, good reminders for work required and prompt responses to questions and queries.”

Product Lead

fcc (1)

“173tech helped us to understand our issues which were  inherited from prior consultants. You provided highly qualified, deep expertise across data analysis, data engineering and did a great job on the visualizations.”



“I was looking for expert-level help with embedding metabase into our subscription offering, and definitely got that. 173tech worked quickly , delivered what was needed but also went above and beyond.”


washclub (1)

“I wanted to work with a partner, not a supplier. Someone who felt like they had a stake in my business. 173tech really took the time to learn about what and how we operate, the culture we were trying to promote and often came up with ideas outside of any brief we put together if they felt Washclub as a business would benefit in the long-term.”



“Your team was able to cover all the critical engineering areas that our internal team was not able to, delivering all the items on the agreed timelines and with good quality.”

Director of Data & Analytics


“We had hit a ceiling where we had just outgrown Kleene and needed some outside help to set up a composable stack. 173tech were very easy to work with and helped us reformat some of our underlying models as well.”

Data Analyst


“173tech provided professionalism & experience and given our current state of structure, data ecosystem when they joined, they’ve been able to deliver a lot of value.”

Data Lead


“Always focused on delivering value. Professional and experienced. Had an ‘x-ray view’ of our complete setup with strong recommendations on improvements.”

Data Scientist


“As a startup it was amazing to be able to tap into the talent at 173tech, and having them set up our infrastructure meant we could hire a Data Analyst instead of a full team.”



“173tech provided a lot of value for our team through the insights they produced and in explain what drove certain metrics. It was easy to get a hold of anyone on the team, concepts were explained well, and deadlines were met. Great work by everyone on the team.”



“173Tech has provided an invaluable resource that we could not operate our business without. Projects get estimated and then done on time every time. You guys are fantastic!”

Director of Analytics


“173tech put together a comprehensive report digging into our data on user engagement with a clear plan of action for us to implement.”


connectd (1)

“173Tech has provided an invaluable resource that we could not operate our business without. Projects get estimated and then done on time every time. You guys are fantastic!”

Director of Analytics

work life

“I felt like everything was very clear and transparent throughout the open line of communication was key to the success. Your team is clearly very capable and technically strong. This gave me comfort that what we were building would be fit for purpose and build on good foundations.”


treatwell (1)

“173tech’s work allowed our sales and marketing teams to work closer together, identify new opportunities and optimise marketing.” 

Chief Marketing Officer

momentary ink (2)

“The reporting solution 173 built for us is flexible, easy to use and tailored to our long-term and day-to-day needs. Outside of their technical skillset, the communication and organisation was refreshing.”



“173tech did a great job of setting up our analytics stack, they made every step and consideration very simple and we never felt unsure of what decisions we needed to make. Great job from the whole team.” 


numan (1)

“A next level of expertise to guide us on our data transformation. We have found confidence in their recommendations and they have always delivered on what they have promised. Couldn’t really ask for more. On a personal note, I have found them to be accommodating, polite and easy to work with.”

Lead Data Engineer

world of peppa pig

“Provided knowledgeable guidance on setting up data infrastructure and analytics reporting. Friendly and skilled staff and a team that I barely need to monitor or facilitate. I also appreciate that your team is always on hand to work through problems in real time.” 

Project Manager

elopage (4)

“One thing I really like about working with 173tech is that you don’t over-engineer things. You find an efficient solution that has a good business case. Communication is always swift and the team never missed a deadline which is quite impressive.”

Head of Data & Analytics

fair hq

“Super easy to work with, kept everything nice and simple, delivered on time.”


inner circle

“We had a good experience with 173tech at Inner Circle. Communication was very clear throughout, the team were always available through slack for any adhoc questions we had.”

Head of Analytics

heights (2)

“Great working relationship, takes the time to explain things clearly. Fantastic to see all our insights via Metabase, fast development quick to respond to support queries and ongoing maintenance. Overall, great communication and fast turnaround.”

Head of Product

heroes (2)

“173tech helped us build out our analytics platform from scratch and instil best practices from day one. Really helped the team manage priorities as well and were able to troubleshoot all of the major issues that came our way and resolve them quickly. Great communication and training.”

Head of Product

fitafy (1)

“Love the 173Tech team! We are now equipped to make data-driven decisions without any ambiguity. Communication during planning, and while the work is in progress has been stellar. I never felt I was making a decision without having an understanding of all aspects. Highest amount of respect & gratitude to the team.”

Co-CEO & Founder


“We rarely if ever come across agencies that we love but Candice, Robin and the team know their craft extremely well. Always going above and beyond to answer questions, super friendly and nice to work with. Delivered everything on time and very reliable.”



“Great attitude as group. Generous with time, listened to our requirements and gave us a range of solutions. Looking forward to getting into the real smarts of data usage and analytics!”



“The work by 173tech has led to some significant insights and cost savings.”

Founder & CEO

mubi (2)

“173tech got our analytics function kick-started which enabled us to build out our team for the first time.You did an awesome job at estimating cost and comparing tool stacks. Thank you for work and guidance thus far.”

Head of Analytics

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