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Migrated to a new, more scaleable data visualisation tool.

Embedded dashboards with permissioning into their portal.


Octopus Legacy provides after-life services including wills, lasting power of attorney forms, life insurance and probate. One aspect of their business is working with charities to provide campaigns centered around legacies. Charities spend a lot of budget advertiisng for legacy donation, but have little oversight as to when or how much these donations will be. 

They had created a series of dashboards in Looker Studio, but every time there were changes or enhancements to one of the charts, this then had to be replicated across all 2000+ dashboards. Octopus Legacy turned to 173tech to migrate them to a better solution.


After a short review of the existing dashboards, we were able to recommend metabase Pro as a very cost-effective alternative to Looker Studio. Using this meant that we could create one master dashboard and then apply a filter so that each charity only had access to the relevant charts etc. We were also able to fix a number of small issues that had existed in the backend to improve the overall reliability of the charts.


In just four weeks we were able to migrate Octopus Legacy to a new visualisation tool, and as an extra we also enhanced their dashboards with interactive maps. Our solution saved a significant amount of time with the team no longer needing to manually update each and every dashboard when there were enhancements.


“Great communication, good outputs, really liked interaction with you and stuck to deadlines, and completed work as stated. Clear plan, well communicated, good reminders for work required and prompt responses to questions and queries.”

Product Lead

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Digital Ocean, MySQL, Metabase

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