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8 weeks to deploy the full data stack

$2.75m Seed funding secured


Launching a new social media app is no mean feat! Google Play statistics reveal that 68.07% of apps never hit the 1000 download mark and most fail after only a year. Looking to avoid this fate, Picnic turned to us so that they would have a granular understanding of the user journey, acquisition funnel and retention rate.


We worked strategically with the Picnic team to help them understand what data could do for them, the right questions to ask and mapped out the levers of growth and retention that would become key as they went into beta testing.


In just eight weeks we were able to set-up and deploy a full data-stack. While the app is still in beta, the insights helped to uncover some major changes for the app itself and the team have been hard at work fine-tuning it.


“We rarely if ever come across agencies that we love but Candice, and the team know their craft extremely well.” Jack Rogers, Co-Founder

Tech Stack

Heroku, PostgreSQL, Metabase, Custom Python Extractors

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