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Automated reports sent to different subscription levels. 

Live dashboards integrated into WordPress.


PincusCo is a publishing technology company that transforms public data into actionable intelligence in the commercial real estate space. They needed some expert help in order to embed daily dashboards into their website and subscription service, using Metabase.


We always strive not to overcomplicate things. To design solutions that will fit the business needs of the company. In this project, it did not make sense to embed a data warehouse, and no modelling was required. As such we designed a very lightweight ETL that would ingest data from excel sheets into the backend database, and then served up automated dashboards in Metabase using this.


We used the automated reporting feature within metabase to send different subscriber levels, different reports and embedded the Metabase dashboards directly into the wordpress website using HTML, using the permission levels within WordPress to grant access.


“I was looking for expert-level help with embedding metabase into our subscription offering, and definitely got that. 173tech worked quickly , delivered what was needed but also went above and beyond.” Adam Pincus

Tech Stack

PostgreSQL, Metabase

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