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Detailed app analytics across the user journey.


World of Peppa Pig is an app aimed at educating and delighting young children. With a small development team, they needed detailed analysis on the app features that would not only drive more usage and happier users, but also drive subscriptions. They had no data infrastructure set up and needed something which could accommodate a large amount of users.


We worked closely with the internal team and helped establish items like a Data Dictionary for the first time, fleshing out the user journey and key data concepts. From there we evaluated which would be the best tech stack to suit the 100,000s of users and thought carefully about the way that the data was structured and processed to lower costs wherever possible. We then extracted and modelled key usage analytics and fed them back into dashboards.


Not only were we able to provide detailed analytics on app usage, we were able to directly tie this into subscription and value. This led to a lot of insights about which features kept users subscribed and where priorities should lie. Additionally, by identifying features that resonate most with users,  the app development team can allocate resources efficiently, focusing on enhancements that yield the highest returns.

Above and beyond this, The team shared our Data Dictionary work with the wider data team at Hasbro, as an example of best practice.


“Provided knowledgeable guidance on setting up data infrastructure and analytics reporting. Friendly and skilled staff and a team that I barely need to monitor or facilitate. I also appreciate that your team is always on hand to work through problems in real time.” Bjorn Munyoro, Project Manager

Tech Stack

AWS, GCP, BigQuery, Fargate, Tableau, Custom Python Extractors

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