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Integrating dashboards into Connectd’s subscription model.

Set up the entire data infrastructure and modelled their core data in just 12 weeks.


Connectd’s innovative technology has helped over 5,200 companies and investors find each other by cutting out the middlemen in the investment cycle. They turned to 173tech to help build out this data-driven approach with self-service dashboards built into their subscription service.


The challenge with embedding analytics is ensuring that it seamlessly blends in with the product you have already established, creating it in a cost effective way and deciding how often to refresh the data. We were able to extract and centralise a mixture of public data, spreadsheets and Connectd’s backend database into their warehouse. From here we modelled the data and created a dashboard in Metabase Pro. Using their advanced features, we could easily match the dashboard availability based on Connectd’s subscription levels. We batch processed the data so that every night it would update, reducing cost whilst still serving up timely insights.


We were able to create customised dashboards in brand colours and with permissioning using Metabase and integrated it into their website. We designed and setup their entire stack, modelled the data and created the dashboards in just 12 weeks.


“We brought 173tech in to fill a gap in capabilities we didn’t have in house and for speed of execution. They consistently stuck to timelines, produced quality work and had good communication. Really enjoyed working you guys!” Product Lead

Tech Stack

AWS, Snowflake, Fargate, Metabase, Custom Python Extractors

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