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Marketing Analytics

Annual savings of $62k made.

With the same marketing budget, Washclub can now attract 3x as many customers.


Washclub had found that over the last few years their return on investment from ads had deteriorated. Cost of acquisition was rising in front of their eyes and they needed a better solution than simply continuing to spend more money. 


Our initial investigation actually found that Washclub’s adverts were set up correctly, and only needed small changes. And so the problem was that the algorithm was letting Washclub down. We modelled their customer data to identify which characteristics and behaviours led to long-term and loyal customers and then worked closely with their marketing agency to help refine targeting and lower cost. 


Washclub were able to reduce their Cost Per Conversion from $122 to $34. This represents a massive 72% saving on their costs or $62k annual saving. This allows Washclub to spend the same amount but get 3x better results – which will only continue to optimise in the future. Now that this data is modelled, the savings will only grow.


“I wanted to work with a partner, not a supplier. Someone who felt like they had a stake in my business. 173tech really took the time to learn about what and how we operate, the culture we were trying to promote and often came up with ideas outside of any brief we put together if they felt Washclub as a business would benefit in the long-term.” Rick Rome, Founder

Tech Stack

GCP, BigQuery, Hevo, dbt, Github Actions, Metabase

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