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Data Launcher

Scale Analytics Today To Grow Your Business Tomorrow. We get you started with analytics and guide you until you’re ready to fly solo.

Granular Insights For Growth.

Leverage data and optimise every aspect of your business.

Perfect for fast-growing companies looking to build your own data pipeline. Whether you want to create a single source or migrate away from off-the-shelf solutions, we can help you get to business value quickly.

173tech will guide you  through every step of your data journey. From aligning your business strategy with data infrastructure, to modelling and visualising your metrics. Not only can get get you off the ground, but once you’re ready to fly solo we’ll help onboard your own analytics team.

Why Go Bespoke?

A bespoke data pipeline consists of a number of tools working in harmony to extract the right data, transform it into key business metrics and serve it into dashboards, reports and in tools your team needs. There’s a number of advantages to going bespoke vs off-the-shelf.

Your Business Is Unique.

So too should be your analytics. Optimise what's truly important to you.

Create A Single Customer View.

Join data from different business areas to understand complex customer journeys.

Build A Foundation.

Data volumes are only growing. Build for the future and enable AI innovation.

Full Ownership Of Your Data.

Don’t entrust this key business element to a third party when scaling.

What We Will Build.

A modern data pipeline comprises of a number of different tools. The setup we will recommend will vary depending on your data sources, volumes and level of maturity. Here’s a quick overview.

Data Sources
Data Extraction
Data Warehouse
Data Modelling

How We Will Build It.

173tech deploy a full project team to every project, ensuring not only that we work quickly but we can QA our work as we go on. Everything we build is unique to the company, so there’s no set formula but here’s a typical overview.

We create a clear plan on implementing or improving your data & analytics.
Bring your data strategy to life while embedding analytics best practices every step of the way.
Automated ingestion of data via connectors or custom extracts into your data warehouse.
Transform raw data into easily-queryable insights based on your unique business logic.
Create automated, interactive and user-friendly reporting that surfaces key insights.

Ready To Start Your
Data Engine?

Want to find out what the possibilities are for turning your data into business drivers?

Not sure if your ideas for using data are technically feasible and will generate ROI?

Have a specific use case in mind for your data but don’t know how to get started?

Get in Touch!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your domain knowledge is crucial to helping us not only launch your data pipleine, but get maximum value from it.

Whose involvement we'll need.

We join forces with your team. By helping us to understand your business, goals, existing data processes and challenges,  we can better return value from data more quickly.

Having a project manager (e.g. A head of data or a lead analyst) and a technical point of contact would facilitate an efficient on-boarding process and on-going collaboration.

Your time commitment.

To get us up to speed quickly, we typically need a one-hour strategic session to go over your business goals and challenges and a one-hour technical session to understand your existing data stack and best practices. On an ongoing basis, we have a 45-minute weekly sync to provide you with project updates and a shared Slack channel for ad-hoc questions.

The setup we will need.

All we need to get started is access to your tools, sources and any existing data infrastructure and documentation.

Can you work on our existing data stack?

Yes. We work with companies of all sizes and data maturity hence are used to being onboarded quickly within your existing data stack. We collaborate closely with your team to ensure that we follow existing development guidelines and are not affecting your current work stream. We can also help optimise your data stack at your request.