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Data Strategy Review

In just four weeks we were able to carry out this intensive review.

Our recommendations represented a significant cost saving on both tools, but also in time spent on maintenance. 


More than a million healthcare professionals in over 180 countries rely on AMBOSS, a medical eLearning company. Despite having a large internal team, there seemed to be a lot of time and cost in keeping their data infrastructure up and running, and so less value was created by that team. They were looking for an outside perspective to help AMBOSS review their current team, toolkit, processes and governance.


What we found is that a lack of guidance had meant that the analytics team had hundreds of different dashboards and tables and this was becoming a burden on the engineers as the customer base had grown. At this point it was better for them to migrate to a new infrastructure instead of spending time to untangle what was there. Our work helped to ensure that the new infrastructure would be fit for purpose and we redesigned the process and governance to ensure it did not grow out of hand again.


Our work helped Amboss to understand the downstream impact and costs in having too many models and dashboards, which had become a barrier to more impactful work being done. With an in-depth tool evaluation, we were able to produce a clear timeline for action in migrating to new infrastructure.


“Always focused on delivering value. Professional and experienced. Had an ‘x-ray view’ of our complete setup with strong recommendations on improvements.” Data Scientist

Tech Stack

GCP, BigQuery, Cloud Run, Metabase, Custom Python Connectors

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