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User Rentention

Use engagement mapped out across the customer journey.

Product features that were linked to retention identified.


Bloom, the world’s first self-guided therapy app, is looking for deeper insights on their 1+ million users. What factors drive conversion, make users sticky and correlates highly with subscription renewal?


We jumpstarted their modern analytics pipeline combining and modelling user behavioural data from Mixpanel and subscription payment data from RevenueCat. From the modelled data, an interactive leadership dashboard was built that automates key KPIs across acquisition, retention, engagement and revenue. With this top-level overview in place we then performed a deep-dive analysis to identify hidden levers in improving subscription uptake and renewal.


We created activity score bucketing which enabled Bloom to segment their customer base and easily understand those of a higher likeliness to renew/convert. This enabled us to identify winning features and content types that correlate highly with conversion and LTV at various stages of the user journey. Bloom’s team were able to focus on product areas that matter. The whole project took just 5 months,  including the setup of a bespoke data pipeline with automated dashboards, an activity scoring model to evaluate user engagement, and our data analyses.


“173tech provided a lot of value for our team through the insights they produced and in explain what drove certain metrics. Great work by everyone on the team.”

Leon Mueller – Co-Founder & CEO at Bloom

Tech Stack

GCP, GCE (Scheduled), BigQuery, Tableau & Custom Python Extractors

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