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We gave a full tool comparison, set up the chosen tools and modelled the core data source.

From nothing to dashboards in a matter of weeks.


Fair HQ is an all-in-one platform for companies to assess and embed DEI throughout their business. They were looking to get started with data, but were not sure where to start.


In order to establish a data stack, you really need an entire team so that considerations on architecture, engineering and analysis can all be factored in. Fair HQ turned to 173tech knowing that we deploy a full team to every project allowing us to work quickly, but without sacrificing quality. In a matter of months we were able to set up the data stack and model their backend data base.


We were able to kickstart Fair HQ’s data stack and model their core data around who and how people were using their platform, allowing them to make smarter decisions around which features to develop and tweak. 


“Super easy to work with, kept everything nice and simple, delivered on time.” Kate Pljaskovova, Founder

Tech Stack

GCP, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Cloud Run, Metabase, Custom Python Extractors

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