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Momentary Ink is the world’s largest temporary and semi-permanent tattoo brand. The team was feeling constrained by Shopify Analytics, which was not able to provide in-depth and granular information on customers and products they need.


Momentary Ink is ran by data-savvy founders, they knew that the right data could lead to marginal gains and so turned to us for a bespoke data stack. We designed a flexible reporting suite allowing the team easily zoom in and out of customer cohort, product and fulfilment performances, and benchmark against automated revenue forecast.


Setting up their own data pipeline provided full flexibility on how Momentary Ink could manipulate and present the data and unlocked a deeper level of insight. We were able to do so cost-effectively and without disrupting their day-to-day operation.


“The reporting solution 173 built for us is flexible, easy to use and tailored to our long-term and day-to-day needs.” Nav Nouhi, Co-Founder

Tech Stack

AWS, EC2, PostgreSQL, Stitch, Metabase, Custom Python Extractor

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