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Key metrics across the customer journey mapped out and modelled.

Master dashboards automatically feeding reports to senior managers every day.


Playbook is the #1 creator economy platform for creators in fitness, wellness, and sports. Their combination of SaaS tools and membership services meant they were struggling to find ‘off-the-shelf’ data tools that could help them and so turned to 173tech to set up their data infrastructure.


You might think it sounds strange, but as a data agency… we do not start with your data. We always start with your business problems, your burning questions, those crucial decisions where data can make a difference. By mapping out the customer journey both from the POV of a client (aka a personal trainer) but also from the subscribers. We were able to identify key moments for intervention and key metrics to track.


We were able to extract, centralise and model Playbook’s core data and transform it into key metrics which were fed into automated dashboards. Our solution represented a significant cost savings agains the ‘off-the-shelf’ tool they were also considering and was up and running in just a few months.


“173tech did a great job of setting up our analytics stack, they made every step and consideration very simple and we never felt unsure of what decisions we needed to make. Great job from the whole team.” Founder

Tech Stack

AWS, EC2, Snowflake, Metabase, Custom Python Extractors

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