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Marketing Analytics

Detailed analytics across social media and advertising channels and customer behaviour.

Accurate ROI predictions on all advertising within 1 day of the campaign going live.


Kuda Bank is a fintech company on a mission to make financial services more accessible, affordable and rewarding for every African on the planet. They had a large internal data team, but were so focused on the core part of their business, that marketing had been somewhat neglected. They needed expert help in the area of marketing analytics to centralise data around customers, communication and acquisition. 


After consultation with Kuda’s internal team, we decided that it was best to set up new infrastructure specifically for our work rather than interfere with what had been built on the banking side. In just a matter of weeks we were able to set up a new data stack and integrated a wide number of different advertising and social media channels, giving kuda’s team a deep understanding of what campaigns and messages were converting. 


Not only did we create an omni-channel reporting on marketing activity, but we were able to tie this into customer value and provide a highly accurate LTV prediction. Within a matter of days, Kuda’s marketing team could pivot and enhance their campaigns thanks to these predictions.


“173tech provided professionalism & experience and given our current state of structure, data ecosystem when they joined, they’ve been able to deliver a lot of value.” Data Lead

Tech Stack

GCP, BigQuery, dbt, dbt Cloud, Looker

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