Hi there, welcome to 173Tech. We are a modern analytics agency.
Using our framework, we help companies build the most efficient data infrastructures and analytics teams to unlock growth drivers.

Our Expertise.

We help companies maximise analytics ROI by building the most efficient analytics teams and processes. We can kickstart your data infrastructure in 10 weeks or help modernise your current setup. Our framework embeds best practices at all stages, from automated data processing to KPI visualisation.

With your own centralised data warehouse, we help you identify, prioritise and implement high ROI data projects that optimise conversion at every step of the customer journey to maximise marketing return, customer engagement, retention and loyalty, operational efficiency, and monetisation.

Our Clients


Our Framework.

By applying modern analytics, we successfully help companies grow efficiently at all stages, from MVP all the way to over $100 million run rate and unicorn status.

We formulated our best practices into the SCALE principle. It reaps maximum rewards of insights generated from your own data and removes all your data pains.

We offer a free evaluation on where you sit on the SCALE with tailored recommendations on how to maximise analytics ROI.


Our Services.


Data Engineering

Building scalable data infrastructures

  • Toolstack recommendation
  • Data infrastructure setup
  • Customised data extracts
  • Event tracking
  • ETL automation and optimisation


Providing actionable insights timely

  • Data modeling
  • Analytics strategy
  • Reporting automation
  • Insight mining
  • A/B testing results automation

Data Science

Getting further with machine learning

  • Marketing ROI optimisation
  • Lifetime value (LTV) prediction
  • Retention and churn propensity
  • Customer segmentation
  • Natural language processing (NLP)

Our Top Projects.

10-Week Modern Analytics Setup

An efficient and scalable data infrastructure following best practice analytics processes for high-growth companies.

  • Toolstack Recommendation
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Centralisation & Modelling
  • Automated Dashboard on KPIs

Long-Term Sales & Operational Efficiency

Clear visibility over sales, costs, and actionable insights to optimise growth for fast-scaling eCommerce businesses.

  • Centralise and model data sources
  • Automated dashboards on sales, profit margins, campaign performances and repeat purchases
  • LTV-driven marketing optimisation
  • Behavioural-driven CRM strategies
  • Text analytics on customer feedback

Freemium Apps
Maximise Retention & Monetisation

Automated insights to guide healthy and efficient growth on both free and paid users.

  • Centralise data and model KPIs on a value-driven customer journey
  • Automated dashboards on acquisition, conversion, engagement and retention
  • Customer LTV prediction and segmentation models
  • Churn propensity and prevention

Our Team.


Candice Ren


Built and scaled the analytics function at dating giant Bumble, sold for $3B in 2019.


Robin Watteaux


Led marketing analytics at Bumble. Ex digital marketer working at Essence (Google account).


Adrian Macias

Principal Data Architect

10+ years building state-of-the-art data pipelines. Ex Bumble, Kelkoo.

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