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No matter where you are on your analytics journey, our experienced team can help you take the next step. 

Data Strategy
Data & Analytics Engineering
Analysis & Data Science
Data Adoption & Activation

Data Strategy.

Ensure your data is aligned with business goals. We will help you to define KPIs, identify high-ROI data projects, ensure data compliance, and build up your in-house team.

Data Maturity

Through intensive investigation our team can map out your current data maturity, identify gaps and create a roadmap for the future.

Data Dictionary

Capture and defines KPIs across all your business functions as we create the ideal guide for  implementation.

High-ROI Use Cases

Ensure you’re spending your time, effort and budget on data projects that will deliver a return. 

Data & Analytics Engineering.

We build best-in-class data pipeline and processes to embed unique business logics and automate insights for all business and technical users.

Toolstack Recommendation

We help you evaluate various data tool options based on your business model, current and future needs in order to create an efficient, cost-effective and scalable data pipeline.

Data Modelling

Data modelling applies your unique business logic to data from different sources, creating bespoke metrics. We create undergo a process of peer review and data reconciliation to ensure accuracy and data trust.


We can help you migrate away from legacy systems without impacting the day-today running of your business or taking time away from your engineering team.

Analysis & Data Science.

Extract maximum value from your data with automated dashboards, deep-dive analyses, dynamic forecasting and segmentation models.

Dashboards & Reporting

We create automated dashboards and reports that are bespoke to your business using tools like Metabase, Looker, Tableau and Power BI.


A data dashboard is a business tool that tracks, analyses and displays vital data points, metrics, and key performance indicators from many sources.

In-Depth Analyses

Beyond reporting, we help you deep-dive into historical data to find the ‘Why’ behind the ‘What’. Identify growth opportunities hidden in your data gold mine.

Predictive Modelling

Anticipate future customer actions. Model predictions such as customer lifetime value, churn propensity, propensity to engage and much more.

Adoption & Activation.

Data is only powerful once it’s adopted by your team! Go beyond reporting and ensure that data is embedded, understood and activated in the tools your teams use.

Data Democratisation

We can help you to embed a data-driven culture into your organisation by designing the best process for you organisation to leverage the power of analytics.

Insights Feedback Loop

Send your modelled data back into the platforms and tools your teams use. Reverse ETL helps to make your data more actionable by serving it up in the tools your teams use. 

Product, Marketing & CRM Automation

Make better decisions fueled by data served directly into the tools your teams use. Automated insights can flag high LTV users, monitor campaign performance and more.

How Do We Work?

We deploy a full team to every project, consisting of:

  • 1 Project Lead that leads implementation and data strategy.
  • 1 Engineering Lead that oversees all technical implementation.
  • 1 Data Engineer that supports on infrastructure, implementation, optimisation and maintenance.
  • 1 Data Analyst that supports on modelling and insights generation.

You have direct access to our team throughout the project with weekly catch-ups and a shared Slack channel. We are all based in London with offices in Old Street.

Data Sources & Tools We Work With.

No two clients are the same. Our experienced team have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of data sources and solutions. If you don’t see your data tool here and want to know if we can help? Get in touch!

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