In-depth marketing analytics.


Channels centralised and automated.


Marketing performance metrics modelled

"Detailed campaign results allowed us to maximise
every marketing $ and bring the best users into the app."

Cem Miral, Co-Founder


Fitafy, a fitness-focused dating app, required greater clarity on marketing performances. It is crucial to identify promptly campaigns and creatives that bring in high quality users as they scale digital spend. Lack of tracking visibility due to iOS14, the need to balance a complex ecosystem, and preventing user churn are among the challenges we were tasked to solve.


We combined and homogenised data from Google, Facebook and TikTok to provide deduplicated and like-for-like performance comparisons on all levels down to creative. Combining first-party data, we modelled deterministic marketing ROI and applied algorithms to extrapolate probabilistic results based on ATT consent rate and other factors.

Teck Stack

AWS, SAYN, Snowflake, Metabase, EC2


Our marketing performance dashboard provided centralised insights across all channels with a set of North Star KPIs over spend, user quality and campaign ROI. It optimised the way Fitafy spends, strengthened their relationship with marketing agencies, and provided real-time insights on which channels are providing the best value over the long term.

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