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Democratising Data

We did all the heavy lifting in bringing in building a solid data foundation.

Allowing MeUndies to start onboarding their own data team.


MeUndies is a global underwear and loungewear brand who had been reliant on external help for the ingestion and modelling of data, but were now looking to build an in-house function. They were looking for an agency to help put in place a solid foundation, establish best practices, and onboard their team.


173tech firmly believes that no agency can ever fully know your business inside and out. We always advise that long-term, you should look to onboard an internal team. We are here to do the heavy lifting and speed up your road to data maturity. In MeUndies case this meant integrating and modelling data from a wide range of marketing and customer sources and feeding these models into dashboards. As all of our code is well-formatted and fully documented, we were able to easily onboard a data analyst and engineer for MeUndies’ ongoing needs.


Our work built a solid foundation which means that MeUndies have all their core data sources in one place with dashboards which answer those day-to-day questions of the business. It also meant that MeUndies were able to hire up-and-coming talent, representing a significant savings vs the more experienced team which would have been needed to deliver this work. We continued to act like an extension of their team before fully passing over.


“The company lacks a certain skill set that I believe 173 has an abundance of. It has really helped us meet deadlines and work across departments to solve issues. I think you’ve done everything incredibly well. It’s very impressive how you continue to deliver results, even when given some vague requests by certain departments. You always seem to come up with a well-informed and logical outcome no matter the issue.” Joshua Suchon – Data Engineer

Tech Stack

AWS, Redhisft (RA3), Stitch, Airflow, dbt, dbt Cloud, Tableau

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