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Granular analytics across social media, email, text with a direct link to orders.

Refactoring Code meant MeUndies no longer needed to rely on outside help.


MeUndies is a global underwear and loungewear brand who had been growing rapidly throughout the pandemic but still had key questions around marketing visibility. The problem was that as multiple people had built on top of their data infrastructure, a ‘jenga’ situation arose in which no one wanted to touch anything for fear of it all falling down. There had been multiple attempts to migrate, but none had been successful and so MeUndies turned to 173tech to help provide structure without starting afresh.


Starting with their email and SMS tool, Iterable, we worked closely with the internal team to map out core concepts and then set about modelling and refactoring their data. We went on to do this for GA4, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat & Sprout Social, giving them a complete picture over all their marketing activity. By refactoring their repository, we were able to serve up intraday reporting, meaning there was no longer a barrier to insight.


Our work refactoring MeUndies’ repository and integrating their marketing sources meant they were able to regain control over those vital growth metrics, move away from an expensive external agency who were handling this, and track CPA to ad level. This not only represented a significant cost saving, but meant they could be much more data-driven going forward. 


“173Tech has provided an invaluable resource that we could not operate our business without. Projects get estimated and then done on time every time. You guys are fantastic!” Owen Finnegan, Director of Analytics

Tech Stack

AWS, Redhisft (RA3), Stitch, Airflow, dbt, dbt Cloud, Tableau

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