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Marketing Analytics

90% Increase in seller registrations.

36% Savings on quarterly marketing spend.


elopage is the SaaS-Tool made for entrepreneurs to setup, manage and scale their digital businesses around digital products, online courses, memberships, tickets and digital services!  They wanted to take control of marketing attribution and enable reporting on campaign performance across all channels with a wide range of meaningful metrics including LTV.


Automated and modelled Google, Meta, GA4, Salesforce and backend data to map users across devices, correct for non-consented users and create marketing performance cube down to ad level. We then conducted marketing journey analysis to identify and automate the attribution model most suitable for elopage.


The full-funnel marketing performance visibility enabled strategic decisions to shift budget allocation towards more efficient channels for the performance marketing team, which led to 90% increase in seller registration while reducing marketing spend by 36%. It also helped surface previously unknown tracking issues on Facebook.


“173Tech were basically a full part of our team from day one. Not a single deadline has been missed.” Jan Tillmann, VP of Sales & Accounts

Tech Stack

AWS, EC2, Snowflake, Metabase, Hightouch, Custom Python Connectors

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