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Reduced processing volumes significantly.

Reconciled subscriber numbers to payment platforms.


Following our Data Strategy Review and deep-dive into their tool stack, we had put forward a plan to migrate Amboss to a new data warehouse, Google Big Query. This meant migrating all of their data infrastructure.


We see migration projects as a great opportunity to consider what is really valuable to the business, refactor the data models where needed, and reconcile to the source of truth. This work ensures that a migration is less about moving and more about restarting from a solid base. Amboss in particular had many different payment platforms all with different metrics that we helped to streamline. By applying a full project team, we were able to move at speed and ensure quality of work, as one member of our team always peer reviews the other.


The end outcome was new, clean infrastructure that significantly reduced the amount of maintenance and upkeep on the previous system. This enabled the in-house team to move from firefighting to providing value, and with new governance in place, Amboss can grow without replicating these issues again.


“Always focused on delivering value. Professional and experienced. Had an ‘x-ray view’ of our complete setup with strong recommendations on improvements.” Data Scientist

Tech Stack

GCP, BigQuery, Cloud Run, Metabase, Custom Python Connectors

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