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Fast Track With External Support.

Plug in 173tech, for flexible analytics support at speed.


Rapidly scale your data infrastructure. Get access to a full project team covering data engineering, data analysis and strategic support.


We can help you migrate away from legacy systems without taking time away from your engineering team.


Get external help to help refine your processes, security and accesses, and ensure your data infrastructure is safeguarded.

The struggle for data talent.

A survey by Indeed found that 90% of business owners are struggling to find and hire data professionals. Demand for Data Engineers has outstripped supply since 2016, nearly doubling salaries since.

Instead of trying to hire one fixed headcount, we provide you with immediate access to a an experienced data team tailored to your needs in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

How does it work?

173tech is a london-based analytics agency that helps growing companies scale their analytics.

Book a call today and we will get to know your unique business team and scope out a project.

We deploy a full team with two data engineers, two data analysts and a strategy lead, enabling us to work quickly and ensure quality throughout.

There’s no long-term contracts. We’re completely flexible and everything we build is owned by you, bespoke to you and we ensure full documentation for handover.

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Core Technology We Use

Success Stories

Centralised and automated eight different marketing channels for the Fitafy Dating app.

$3.75 million dollars efficiency gains on Petlab’s annual marketing spend through data modelling.

Saved 1,300 hours of manual data processing for e-learning platform elopage.

We are the perfect blend of strategic thinking and technical implementation.


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