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Marketing Analytics.

Set your marketing team up for maximum ROI with best-in-class analytics!

One Source Of Marketing Truth.

Whether you have an in-house data team and looking for specialised help on marketing analytics or starting data from scratch, we can help. We have guided a multitude of clients to step up their game in the field, saving them significant amounts through optimisation and efficiency gains, and previously led marketing analytics at dating giant Bumble.

Centralise and automate reporting, take back control of your attribution, connect the dots along the customer journey with first-party data, build optimisation algorithms, automate insights to marketing platforms, and much more! All while being privacy friendly. 

Some Of Our Success Stories

Centralised and automated eight different marketing channels for the Fitafy Dating app.

$3.75 million dollars efficiency gains on Petlab’s annual marketing spend through data modelling.

Saved 1,300 hours of manual data processing for e-learning platform elopage.

Maximise Long-Term ROI

Centralised Reporting

Centralise your marketing across all channels (online advertising, email, offline, etc.) into one single source of truth. Free your team from navigating multiple tools to collate overall performance.

Privacy Friendly

Take control of your own attribution whilst remaining privacy-friendly. Connect marketing platform and your first-party data to uncover an unprecedented visibility on performance. v

Marketing Attribution

Build advanced attribution models leveraging your log-level event tracking technology (e.g. GA4, Snowplow). Combine deterministic models on consented users and probabilistic methodologies on non-consenting users for a holistic view over your marketing performance.

Dynamic Audience

Your first-party data is your most valuable asset! We build data models that allow you to dynamically segment your user base based on first-party behavioural data. These audiences can then be automated back into various marketing tools, from online advertising to emailing.

QA Automation

Ensure your activity is always running without any issues. We automate data checks across all your campaigns with daily (or at your desired time interval) alerts to your team via email or Slack. Issues get corrected straight away so you don’t build up performance creep over time.

Algorithmic Optimisation

We build sophisticated algorithms that can automate the decision making of marketing activity management (e.g. budget allocation, etc.). These automated decisions can be further connected to third party marketing systems.

Statistical Testing

Use statistical techniques in order to understand optimal spend levels through marginal gains. Uncover the impact of your offline advertising using causal impact techniques.

Reverse ETL

Leverage all the marketing and audience insights built in your data warehouse and send performance feedback to your marketing platforms in an automated way.

Technology We Work With.

No two clients are the same.

Our experienced team have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of data solutions.

Here are the key technologies we work with. Don’t see your tech here and want to know if we can help? Get in touch!


We start by analysing your customer journey with the goal to optimise long-term marketing ROI: predicted customer lifetime-value (LTV) / total marketing spend. We will work together with your team to curate a set of KPIs tailored for your product, which will be modelled and automated within the data models. 

We work with companies of various sizes and levels of data maturity. We are used to coming in and quickly understanding your data stack, business problems and current gaps. We work as an extension to your data team to progress in parallel projects. Having a technical point of contact makes the project a lot easier for us and we will collaborate closely with your team to ensure we follow existing development guideline and are not affecting your current work stream.

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