The Perfect Blend.

Strategic Thinking + Technical Implementation = Business Impact


Our core team previously led analytics at dating giant Bumble and oversaw its growth from an idea to $3 billion exit in under 5 years. We have since been using data to accelerate growth across businesses in a wide number of fields with great success.


We are a growing company seeking to establish ourselves as leaders in all things data. We love constantly learning new things, improving our skillsets, and sharing our knowledge. The 173 team is well-known for our friendly and approachable nature.


We aim to grow alongside our clients. We understand that their success is our success and we ultimately hope they outgrow us and in-house their data requirements. We seek to add to our team, add to our knowledge and continue to help businesses adopt data.

Our Core Beliefs

Value-Driven: We stay laser focused on bringing you maximum return on your data investment now and in the longer term. We help you increase customer retention and life-time value, identify efficiency gainsand grow efficiently.

Tailored to you: Everything we build is bespoke to your unique business goals and challenges. We ensure that you own all your data, processes and final output. We offer our services as a long-term partner or one-off project, giving you complete control as to how we work together.

We work as an extension to your team: We help you fast-track certain projects and developments. We aim to work within your data infrastructure and follow any existing guideline and best practices.

We're A Friendly Bunch!


Candice Ren

Built and scaled the analytics function at dating giant Bumble, sold for $3B in 2019.


Robin Watteaux

Led marketing analytics at Bumble. Ex digital marketer working at Essence (Google Account)

Principal Data Architect

Adrian Macias

10+ years building state-of-the-art data pipelines. Ex Bumble, Kelkoo.

Data Analyst

Timofey Sugaipov

Analyst with experience in e-commerce, b2b, blockchain and mobile app analytics.

Data Engineer

Sotiris Gkoulimaris

Expertise in big data applications and best practices with experiences in warehouse deployment and management and a knack for optimising data pipelines.

Data Engineer

Ollie Thwaites

Extensive experience in data extraction, modelling, machine learning, and systems design. 

Strategy Manager

Oliver Gwynne

Oliver has 11 years of strategic experience and can help you understand which metric fuel growth and how to translate numbers into strategy.

Data Analyst

Jozefina Gramatikova

Data analyst, Theoretical Physics Master’s graduate. Completed a data-science driven Master’s project using huge amounts data from the particle detector ATLAS at CERN. Experience working with Python and C++.

Data Analyst

Tori Kok

Data analyst and neuroscience PhD. Experience with SQL, Python, and clinical data.


173 is the number of times one can go between the earth and the sun in a day, travelling at the speed of light. Our company is founded on the values of speed, transparency & finding the quickest route to value creation. The concept of light just felt appropriate.

Our founding team members met whilst working at Bumble, where we saw first-hand the enormous value and knowledge that analytics brings but also the pains and challenges along the way. We wanted to share our knowledge and help more companies make the most out of their data gold mine and decided to form 173tech.

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We are the perfect blend of strategic thinking and technical implementation.

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