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5 Key Metrics For eCommerce

Where Data Makes A Difference

eCommerce is still a growing sector, but with more than 24 million shops online today, it is a highly competitive space.

What separates out the success stories? What helps drives profitability? Data.

There is an old saying that what gets measured, gets managed. But what metrics do you need to keep an eye on? in this eBook we walk through the top 5 data insights that every eCommerce needs to know and tips on where to find them.

What's Inside?

Who’s this for?

You have a successful business. You have scaled quickly. But you begin to feel as if you are hitting a ceiling. The answer as to how to next 4x your business is not clear. You know what works, but are struggling to optimise further. Relying on the analytics in your tools, website etc means a widening opportunity gap, but you’re not sure what metrics really matter or where to start with data.


  • Why You Need Data.
  • Sales Trends 
  • Cost Data
  • Customer Behaviour
  • How And When To Adopt Data

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