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Why Your Startup Needs Data Now

Our ebook provides a comprehensive overview on the team, technology and strategy you need to get started on your data journey.

Leveraging Marketing Analytics.

Our eBook gives you an overview of which data is most valuable when optimising your marketing performance, where to begin and how to expand.

Growing With Data

We’ve noticed that businesses of a similar size tend to encounter similar problems and so have put together key advice for every level of maturity.

Data-driven Ideal Customer Profiles.

An ICP is a hypothetical description of the type of customer(s) you’d like to sell to. Data can help, not only in creating a more realistic profile, but in highlighting the real scope of the opportunity when selling to them.

About 173tech


Candice Ren

Built and scaled the analytics function at dating giant Bumble, sold for $3B in 2019.


Robin Watteaux

Led marketing analytics at Bumble. Ex digital marketer working at Essence (Google Account)

Principal Data Architect

Adrian Macias

10+ years building state-of-the-art data pipelines. Ex Bumble, Kelkoo.

Data Analyst

Timofey Sugaipov

Analyst with experience in e-commerce, b2b, blockchain and mobile app analytics.

Data Engineer

Sotiris Gkoulimaris

Expertise in big data applications and best practices with experiences in warehouse deployment and management and a knack for optimising data pipelines.

Strategy Manager

Oliver Gwynne

Oliver has 11 years of strategic experience and can help you understand which metric fuel growth and how to translate numbers into strategy.

Data Analyst

Jozefina Gramatikova

Data analyst, Theoretical Physics Master’s graduate. Completed a data-science driven Master’s project using huge amounts data from the particle detector ATLAS at CERN. Experience working with Python and C++.

Data Analyst

Tori Kok

Data analyst and neuroscience PhD. Experience with SQL, Python, and clinical data.

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