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Revenue Reconciliation

1 Standardised, consistent & automated revenue calculation.

8 Days per quarter saved on internal and investor reporting.

Tech Stack: AWS, Stitch, Snowflake, Metabase


Create a single source of truth on revenue and move away from multiple definitions and manual data extraction, calculation and reconciliation from different sources.


By extracting data from multiple sources and modelling in the data warehouse we were able to fully automate internal and investor reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis. This can be modified and expanded on as the team wishes.


elopage went from eight days of manual work each quarter compiling reports to almost nothing. Not only were they able to speed up reporting but, thanks to the flexible setup they were able to add more data points to their reports.


“It used to take a lot of time for our engineers every month to run queries then check and correct the revenue numbers. Now we are at a point that we don’t need to spend any time on it.” Tom Jansen, Team Lead Data

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