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Customer Journeys

Fairer bonus scheme designed to reward sales managers. 

Automated daily dashboards to check sales performance.

Tech Stack: AWS, Stitch, Snowflake, Looker


Moving beyond a bonus scheme where sales performance is divided among sales managers to a highly motivational and fairer reward system based on their activities that generated revenue, hence true contribution.


Connect all the touch points along the sales funnel by centralising and modelling data across Salesforce and first-party revenue and subscription data from the backend. The resulting models enabled granular visibility of the interactions of each salesperson with the customer throughout their journey.


Our models and analysis led to a redesign of the bonus scheme at elopage to reward the hard-working sales team fairly. The new system is built into automated dashboards with up-to-date progress daily. It also led to a more complete picture of the contribution from marketing and account management teams.


“One thing I really like about working with 173tech is that you don’t over-engineer things. You find an efficient solution that has a good business case.” Tom Jansen, Team Lead Data

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