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Churn Analysis

7 Indicators identified that predict a seller likely to churn.

Churn flag and indicators automated into Salesforce.

Tech Stack: AWS, Stitch, Snowflake, Metabase


The elopage team was looking for a proactive way to prevent customer churn instead of spending time and resources trying to bring customers back after they have churned.


By joining Salesforce and first-party backend data, we were able to analyse the activities of elopage’s customer base and detect behavioural patterns that are likely to predict churn. We identified 7 indicators, automated them and a flag for customers at-risk, which are fed back to Salesforce and the accounts team.


These indicators are modelled in the data warehouse and automatically flagged in Salesforce via Census (a reverse ETL tool). Tasks are created and assigned to account managers to action upon. This created a much more effective churn prevention approach for the team.


“The automatic flags in Salesforce allow us to have greater visibility on churn and find key moments for interception.”

Tom Jansen, Team Lead Data

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