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Why Your Startup Needs Data

And How To Get Started Quickly!

Data is an invaluable asset as you scale your business, but many founders are unsure of where to start and wary of making an expensive mistake.

Our ebook provides a comprehensive overview on the team, technology and strategy you need to get started on your data journey.


What's Inside?

Who’s this for?

This ebook is written for the founding teams of fast-growing startups looking to extract maximum value from data in order to grow even faster and more efficiently. You might be building data as part of our core competitive advantage, or hitting the limit of your out-of-the-box analytics tools, or simply curious about the various use cases on how data can help you grow.


  • Why You Need Data.
  • Why You Need It Now.
  • Why Data Gets Delayed.
  • How To Get Started.
  • The Tools You Need.
  • The Team You Need.
  • Fast Track With External Support.
  • Key Lessons.

More on Data Stacks

A data stack is essentially all the different tools you will use to organise, transform, visualise and analyse data. Check out these articles which gives you some great insight into what a data stack is, how to optimise it and costs.

How We Can Help

With years of experience in data strategy and engineering, our team is uniquely placed to assess your business goals and implement data solutions that give you the right knowledge to make the right decisions.

We have helped many different businesses set up and optimise their data pipelines and can do the same for you. Check out our Data Launcher service.

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