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Optimising Your Customer Journey

Using Data To Acquire, Retain & Grow High LTV Customers.

Modern customer journeys are omni-channel, multi-device and often sporadic in nature.

People are researching your brand whilst also paying their water bills, posting a selfie and cooking dinner. Mapping out all of this different activity and finding moments for intervention can be difficult.

Download our ebook where we’ll give you tips for tying together data from across the customer journey, what metrics are key at different points and how to optimise them.

What's Inside?

Who’s this for?

This ebook is a great resource for marketing and customer success teams. It gives you a blueprint as to what metrics are key at different points of the customer journey, how to calculate them and of course where to optimise.


  • Data along the customer journey
  • Improving customer acquisition
  • Customer activation
  • Improving engagement
  • Measuring retention
  • Activating your customer data

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With years of experience in data strategy and engineering, our team is uniquely placed to assess your business goals and implement data solutions that give you the right knowledge to make the right decisions. 

Whether you have an in-house data team and looking for specialised help on marketing analytics or starting data from scratch, we can help. Why not read more about our Marketing Analytics Service?

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