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Our Journey Together.

We work closely with your team to understand your business, people and processes in order to align the data strategy and build models to drive key decisions. Our goal is to help you accelerate growth with data insights and ensure long-term successes.


Data Strategy & Dictionary

We work closely with your teams to understand and translate business objectives into standardised ‘North Star’ metrics and measurable contributing KPIs.

Feasibility Review

A deep-dive into your existing stack to understand what and where data is being captured, identify any gaps that prevent us from bringing your ideas to life, and how best to fill these gaps.

Strategic Debrief

Once we understand the fundamentals of your business, where you’re heading and your data we will lay out a strategic roadmap of how to move forward.


Infrastructure Review

We help you fast-track to modern analytics with a full tool stack review and recommendations. We will ensure an efficient setup following best practices or a smooth transition if you are migrating from existing systems.

Data Modelling

Transform raw data from multiple sources into well-organised and easily-queryable business concepts, guided by your standardised data dictionary. We perform rigorous data quality tests to ensure 100% trust in data.

Reporting & Visualisation

Start using your data straight away! We create reporting solutions that are automated, fast and easily-digestible. They are designed surface key insights at a glance and able to facilitate detailed analysis.



Training sessions with your team on the data models, dashboards, and the reporting tool to ensure its wide adoption.


We put the power of data into the hands of your team to identify trends, make informed decisions and seize opportunities. Get the most business value from your data stack.

Value Mining

We help you deep-dive into historical data to find the Why behind the What. Identify growth opportunities hidden in your data gold mine. 


Propensity Models

Propensity modelling looks at the past behaviour and characteristics of your customers to make predictions about their future actions. They can act as a guiding light, informing your decision.


We can easily scrape data from relevant sites and turn them into searchable attributes. We would advise though that sentiment analysis is still very rudimentary and can’t detect sarcasm.

Algorithmic Optimisation

Staying on top of marketing campaigns requires 24/7 vigilance. Apply algorithms to generate optimisation recommendations at your desired frequency to guide marketing budget allocation.


Technical Advice

We help client teams on complex data engineering situations such as configuring new data sources, evaluating additional data tools, and solving pressing issues such as API changes from connected data sources.


We help you build data solutions that are easily maintained by your engineering team. If you prefer to take this off their plate, we are happy to help. We monitor the status of your ELT and reporting pipeline and assist in any changes and questions.


We support your hiring process by identifying skills and capabilities required, creating job specifications, and assisting in candidate selections and final stage interviews. We are not a recruitment firm and only offer this service to existing clients.

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