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Starting With Data

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Put the structure in place today so that when your business grows, you’ll be able to make crucial optimisations to everything from marketing through to retention. Off the shelf will only get you so far.

Own Your Data. With many product analytics solutions, you do not fully own your data. Don’t entrust this key business element to a third party when scaling.

Control Your Costs. Your data volume and data users are only going to grow. Off the shelf solutions can become expensive. Build a more scalable solution.

Create A Single Customer View. It’s almost impossible to join data from different business areas unless you have created a centralised data pipeline.

Centralised and automated eight different marketing channels for the Fitafy Dating app.

$3.75 million dollars efficiency gains on Petlab’s annual marketing spend through data modelling.

Saved 1,300 hours of manual data processing for e-learning platform elopage.

Get, Grow And Keep Profitable Customers.

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How It Happens


We get to know your business, current data processes and analytics needs.


We create a clear plan on creating a bespoke data pipeline.


We extract, centralise and model data, outputting it into automated dashboards.


We help your team leverage the insights to make a bigger business impact.

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173tech is a london-based analytics agency that helps startups get started with data quickly. We deploy a full team to every project with a senior data engineer, analyst and project lead. We start off with the data sources and key metrics of your business, deliver value and then begin to expand.

Core Technology We Use

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Marketing analytics has advanced dramatically in recent times, and you shouldn’t be left behind! Companies that adapt their marketing analytics processes will rapidly take a strong competitive advantage over businesses that do not evolve with their times. Our eBook gives you an overview of which data is most valuable when optimising your marketing performance, where to begin and how to expand.

We are the perfect blend of strategic thinking and technical implementation.


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