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Oliver Gwynne

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Background: Oliver has over a decade of experience of consulting in marketing, automation and analytics, having been involved in a number of change programmes looking to leverage data for HSBC, BT, Sky and many more.

Talk to me about:

  • How to create value from your data.
  • Setting up your analytics stack for the first time.
  • Optimising your marketing campaigns with data.
  • Democratising data in your organisation.

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Oliver is the lead producer and writer for musical ensemble, Parrot Peel.

Specialist Subjects.

Oliver has a diverse background, starting life in marketing before becoming interested in process automation and data. He has worked with a wide range of businesses across all sectors and seen how data can fuel real growth if delivered the right way.

Data Strategy

“When I’m thinking about how to create value from data, I always start with two things. The first is the business challenge, the second is the decisions that the business can make to affect the problem, and with this in mind I can then suggest which data will have the biggest impact on influencing those decisions.”

Marketing Analytics

“Coming from a marketing background , I understand the frustration of having to keep on top of multiple channels, deal with ever-changing algorithms and measure your effectiveness. Data can be used for so much more than reporting in this field, but you have to take your analytics out of the platforms and model it.”


“Data literacy and training are the foundations of embedding a true data-driven culture in your organisation, yet all too often this is overlooked. Data can quite easily sit in a silo and not have the positive¬† effect it should if your wider teams aren’t leveraging it.”